Why Do We Want What We Cannot Have.

Why is it that we have this urge to obtain what we are not allowed to have? Is it because we have a need to feel rebellious? Is it because we like the game of chasing something dangerous, to feel alive? The mysterious what if? The thought of finally getting someone you want so badly is just... Continue Reading →



My Exterior is tough. I can take a hit and I can play sports like no ones business. It just comes so natural to me. Its all physical, no emotion or overthinking needed. Easy right? But what about the other stuff? The emotional things. When someone you trusted puts you down, makes you feel worthless... Continue Reading →

Everlasting Memories

When you dream, it is supposed to be your playground of imagination . Your minds safe place to wonder and be free. But what if your mind is so stuck on one thing or one person, that you cannot even escape it in your dreams? How can one person make such an impact on you... Continue Reading →

No One Stays

Growing up without a mother is something I often get asked about. What is it like? Do you wish things were different? Why do you not live with your parents? Are they dead? The truth is, trying to explain what it is really like is too difficult to explain and hard for someone who grew... Continue Reading →


Ringing. All I hear is ringing. A soft but loud tone that is a constant sound in my head. People are trying to talk to me but all I can do is stare off into the distance and think of nothing and everything at the same time. All that's left of me is a blank... Continue Reading →

When the time comes…..

It's three o'clock. You know what that time means and you always dread having to see it happen to someone. It's 3:05. Thank God!!! Maybe everything is okay and today doesn't need to happen yet. I listen as I hear a car door shut outside and footsteps slowly approaching the front door. I hear the front... Continue Reading →

To those who have been abandoned. 

Here I am again. Sitting in this cage watching people walk by, they admire me and say hello, yet they always pick someone else. Someone who doesn't look like they have had such a hard life , or someone who doesn't bark as much as I do.I don't understand how so many of you walk... Continue Reading →

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